Roswitha Winde-Pauls: Struktur - Linie - Form - 19. June to 11. September 2022

The material porcelain allows the ceramist Roswitha Winde-Pauls to concentrate undisturbed on clear, simple forms, on lines and structure.

The fine white, e.g. The partially translucent shards of porcelain provide a light and neutral basis for differently structured surfaces on which light and shadow can play with one another. Delicately shiny lines are created by incorporating light or blackened silver threads. They look like fine drawings. Silicone straps, on the other hand, enable strict contrasts and structures.

The artist also works with celadon glazes in her studio in Wotersen. The light body of the porcelain reveals the finest color nuances and enhances the luminosity of the glazes.

All the vessels are freely rotated and are fired at 1300°C in a gas furnace.