A special setting for many occasions

Whether seminar or conference, presentation, reception or big celebration - Reinbek Castle offers rooms full of atmosphere for both private and business functions. Your guests will feel comfortable here!
From the small fireside room to the large ballroom, events of all sizes are possible in the Renaissance castle. The castle team will be happy to help you find the right rooms in our historic house.

On the ground floor:

Hofsaal 169 qm    Hofstube 84 qm   Gartensaal 83 qm with kitchenette

On the 1st floor:

Kleines Kaminzimmer 20 qm    Reinbekzimmer 84 qm     Festsaal 169 qm    Herzogin-Augusta-Zimmer 83 qm    Jagdzimmer 12 qm    Stormarnzimmer 83 qm    Großes Kaminzimmer 76 qm    Gottorfzimmer 74 qm

You can get an impression of the different rooms here.

Technical equipment of the premises:

  • Projektors, slide projectors, overhead projectors
  • Screens
  • TV and video system
  • Sound system
  • Displays, flip-charts
  • Lecterns
  • Steinway D-grand piano, Yamaha piano, harpsichord
  • mobile dance floor, mobile stage platforms

Nutzungssatzung des Schlosses (.pdf-Datei)

Entgelt- und Tarifordung (.pdf-Datei)

Haus- und Parkordnung (.pdf-Datei)