Dietmar Ullrich - Zur Sache - 14. November 2021 - 9. Januar 2022

Dietmar Ullrich

I see things as the last stop before arbitrariness, as the last boundary to the void, to nothing as the actual “background”.

Artistic vita
1960-65 studies at the Hamburg University of Fine Arts
1964/65 co-founder of the ZEBRA group; Manifesto No.1, "The New Realism"
1965/66 DAAD scholarship holder in London and Brighton
1971 BDI cultural group scholarship holder
1980/81 scholarship from the German Academy Rome Villa Massimo
since 1987 professor at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, retired
since 1995 member of the Free Academy of the Arts Hamburg


Introduction (in German) to the vernissage by Armin Giese

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Ullrich's realism is based on a drawing ability that has to be called stupendous.
Jens Christian Jensen