Sammlung Italiaander

Memory of Japan

Display of Donati family memorabilia from their time in Japan 1923 - 1927

Colored wood prints and scroll paintings (kakemono) are on display, as well as artistically crafted pieces of furniture, as well as porcelain from the Satsuma, Imari and Kutani manufactories, as well as fire bowls (hibachi) and silver utensils. Particular importance is attached to the netsukes, small carved figures that serve as a brake button for attaching a container hanging on two cords to the belt (obi) of the pocketless kimono. Seals, tobacco and medicine were kept in such containers (Inro). Finally, the tsubas are forged and ornately decorated guard plates of the traditional samurai sword made of metal. All of these exhibits testify to the high level of craftsmanship of Japanese craftsmen.


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