Gegenüber - Paintings and sculptures by Ricky Winter - 23. January - 20. March 22


Ricky Winter lives and works as a visual artist in Reinbek near Hamburg and grew up closely connected to nature. This childhood shaped her. What she discovers and experiences in nature, as well as what happens in everyday life, she absorbs with all her senses and "stores" it as a source of inspiration for her image and object ideas. When transferred to the canvas, she gives free rein to the inspiration she has gained, whereby the original "model" undergoes modifications and changes. Personal experiences and events often provide the impetus.
Architectural remains of old buildings and walls, bark peeling from decaying trees, cracks in dry soil and seasoned wood, traces of old paths...all of this arouses her interest and serves as a stimulus for her paintings, as well as for her works with paper and cellulose.

It's about the individual view of things. Her intention is not to imitate a reality she sees, but to consistently move away from there, towards an accentuation of what is purely essential to her: the form and the colour.

On the one hand she allows the inner movement to take shape, on the other hand she consciously intervenes and arranges the form. A true interplay between stomach (feeling) and head (consciousness). The actual main theme of her work is colour, the mostly intense play of colors and their effect. Ricky Winter literally grabs the paint with his whole hand, but also uses brushes, spatulas, sponges, cloths and palette knives.