Bruchstück für Stück - Rainer Heckel - 13. November 2022 to 15. January 2023

drawing and painting

Works from 35 years of creative work.
The theme of man runs like a red thread through the work.
While in the early years figurative painting was still in the foreground, telling of stumbling and fragility, Rainer Heckel later experimented with sculptures and spatial structures in painting. In the more recent works, colors and brush strokes are more pronounced. The figurative appears as a play of color tones and color forms.

In search of an image of man
Finding support in trying to find your own playing field
to form in painting.

Introductory words on the vernissage on Sunday, November 13th
by Friedemann Heckel (in German)

Bild fuer Quartalsflyer