Im Spiel mit Feuer und Farben - ceramics by Katrin Schober - 6. Febr. - 18. April 22

The works of the Oetjendorf ceramist Katrin Schober are presented in a colorful and humorous way in the crooked clamp of Reinbek Castle. The artist combines three-dimensional objects, which are mostly intended for use, with two-dimensional figures.

Ceramic study trips to Italy, France, the USA and Turkey provided important inspiration for the artist's work. Katrin Schober has developed figures with flat cuts that also reveal her fondness for comics. Pots, bowls, jugs and mugs adorn these mostly female figures with the striking pointed noses. They have become Katrin Schober's trademark. Sculptural objects also reveal some surprising inner life as well as colorful surface designs with glass and self-made glazes.


 Schober neu

Free admission to the vernissage.

Please continue to follow our hygiene rules